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The first step to growing your brand presence is to start your accounts on China's top social apps.

We register, verify and set up your essential China social media accounts: WeChat (similar to Facebook Messenger), Weibo (similar to Twitter), and Youku (similar to Youtube).

If you just want a personal account, we can help with that too.

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Official & Verified Accounts are widely used in China

Trust must be earned, not lost when establishing new social relationships in China. Most social media apps have translated this real world phenomena to their platforms and offer verified brand accounts to share and transfer trust to their users.

Official WeChat

WeChat accounts for about 1 out of every 3 minutes spent on mobile internet. There are a few different official account options for foreign brands.

Official Weibo

Weibo is widely used as an open, 1 to many network where ideas, stories and news trend. Official accounts signal trust with Weibo users.

Official Video Accounts

Mobile video consumption in China is on a steep incline. We help register for official video apps according to your needs (Youku/ Tudou, an established platform owned by Alibaba above).

Personal Accounts

If you are not ready for an official account and just want to get on as a regular user then sign up for our free course to download and get started.

Get Official on WeChat & Weibo 

  • WeChat Overseas Account: The defining weakness of Overseas Accounts is they are invisible to domestic Chinese users. While some use cases exist, this type of account is likely is not right for your brand. This holds true for Enterprise Accounts as well, which are intended to be used internally within companies.
  • WeChat Subscription Account: Subscription Accounts are best for content sharing and marketing. You can share fresh content every day, users can discover you on Sogou search engine, people can re-share and attribute you as original poster and you can monetize blog articles. For both a service and subscription account foreign businesses can opt to also get verified.
  • WeChat Service Account:  Service Accounts are best for conducting business operations, especially customer service activities. Verified Service accounts allow you to have a custom in-WeChat menu and mini-site (as shown on the far right image), use more APIs, and payment integration.
  • Weibo: Weibo offers one kind of official verified account to foreign businesses. The verification process for foreign businesses varies from country to country including wait times, price and process. We manage all these details and processing of the documents required to get you verified.

Get an official Weibo Account

  • Foreign enterprises that wish to obtain official verified WeChat and Weibo accounts accessible to users in China are required to provide documentation proving they have a business legally registered in China. If you do not have a China business license, Quickeast will use its license to register a verified WeChat account on behalf of your company.
  • We register, verify and setup your official verified Weibo, WeChat and Youku (or other select) accounts.
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Activate personal accounts

Not ready to get official brand accounts? 

Personal accounts have limited functionality and do not signal the same brand reputation to your audience as official accounts, however you can still grow your audience.

You should still start growing your brand with personal accounts!

Sign up for a free account and we will walk you step-by-step through the process to get you started on WeChat and Weibo.
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