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WeChat is the most used social media platform in China, with the highest rate of daily engagement for the most people. This pliable platform allows official accounts to build “mini-websites” and "light-apps" inside of WeChat, directly accessible to users. We provide you with and host a mobile optimized mini-website with additional light-app functionality depending on your needs.

For example, a starter mini-website includes 10 transcreated (we tailor and Transcreate your content for China) pages such as:

  • Home page including an introduction to your brand.
  • Product catalog page.
  • Product specific pages.
  • Contact us page.

Your mini-website will also be accessible outside of WeChat on any general web browser, allowing you to link out, as appropriate, from other social sites and capture China traffic.

Each mini-site is legally hosted inside of China on a registered Chinese server and provided with a custom subdomain "" using your preferred brand name.

How It Works:

  • We design and share a live demo of your mini-website.
  • You provide feedback and approve the design and contents.
  • We build, Transcreate required content, publish website live and share accordingly as we manage your social accounts.
  • You start sharing your mini-website!

Get Solo Product

Design & operation of 1 (ONE) WeChat “mini-website” also accessible on the general China web.
  • Build a 10 page site with 1,000 transcreated words and an overall total of 1,000 transcreated words.
  • Upgrade to create and e-commerce shop that accepts payments
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