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Sean Freund

Co-founder and CEOO

Sean is an entrepreneur with years of experience managing business operations in and out of China, and directly with the Chinese government. He has extensive project management experience, including working with over 30 Country Directors and 500 teachers to build and deploy training systems for a Harvard University Center for International Development program.
He holds holds a BS in Operations and Technology Management, Finance from Boston University and MA in Business Administration from Central South University .

Vincent Pueraro

Co-founder and CEOO

Vincent is an entrepreneur that has been building and operating businesses in China since 2010. He has extensive experience with China-focused customer acquisition strategies, product distribution tactics and on-the-ground operations. Vincent draws on experience from a variety of China industries, including F&B, consumer Internet, education, and B2B, working with such brands as Duvel and Zoomlion.
Vincent holds a BS cum laude in Business Administration from from Villanova University.

Ye Tao

Limited Partner - Government and Key Relationships

Tao was previously co-founder and CEO of lifestyle magazine, Newko Media and the HRA (Hunan Returnees Association) which has grown to +3,000 members (Chinese students that studied in university abroad) and directed large-scale infrastructure development projects throughout Central China.
Tao holds a BA in Industrial & Commercial management from Newcastle University and an MA Political from Warwick University.

Rui Wang

Chief Marketing Officer

Rui started his career as a content creator then eventually, an Editorial Director at the Hunan Daily Group, Planning Director of Hunan Daily Newspaper Group, Editor in Chief of Newko Media and, before joining Quickeast, managed digital marketing campaigns for major Chinese brands like Mendale. Now he is responsible for strategically leading development, design and execution of marketing and advertising across all projects.
A thought-leader in China’s new media and digital marketing space, he frequently appears as a commentator on Hunan TV and CCTV.
Rui holds a BA in Auditing,MA in Psychology and Law from Nanjing University.

Ivan Xianmu Wang

Chief Project Manager

Ivan leads the marketing team to build authentic localized brand identities in China and conduct comprehensive advertising programs that deliver targeted brand outcomes.
Experienced in building and managing the presence of major western brands in China, Ivan is multilingual, fluent in Chinese, English, and Javascript. He has developed a rolodex of relationships with key personnel at platforms like Toutiao, WeChat, Weibo and Baidu that he leverages on behalf of our international brand partners.
A consummate learner, in his free time he is learning to swim and play guitar.
Ivan holds a BA in Computer Science and Technology from Changsha University and an MA in English Interpretation from Hunan Normal University.

Mengqi Qu

Limited Partner

Mengqi connects Quickeast to a wide and diverse network of partners throughout China in his role as a Limited Partner.
Mengqi holds a BS in Automation control from Sheffield University and an MA in Economics and Finance from Loughborough University.

Juan Zhang

Advertising Manager

Juan is a veteran China digital advertiser, experienced in designing, delivering & analyzing campaigns, as well as liaising with the key people at the most influential digital platforms.
Previously Media Director at Keyunda Tech and Shanghai Qinyan. She is experienced in managing teams of copywriters, video editors, and ad specialists through campaign planning and implementation. She brings years of experience cooperating with key media channels and national PR companies. Today she is responsible for the smooth design and delivery of advertising campaigns at Quickeast.
Juan holds a BA in Marketing from East China Normal University.

Ning Zhang

Finance Manager

With over a decade of experience in various financial management projects including Accounting Manager at Hunan Xiuhe real estate industrial co., LTD for 7 years. today she ensures smooth financial management in and out of China and with all our platform partners.
Ning holds a BA in Accounting from Hunan University and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Chris Zhang Weiwei

Project Manager

Chris creates social media strategies that fall in line with global marketing initiatives but are locally relevant. Developing a localized social media strategy for clients consistent with its global strategy. He promotes communication within the team to develop media strategies that meet and deliver against project objectives across platforms like WeChat, Douyin, Baidu, Weibo and more.Chris holds a BA in English from the Foreign Language College of Hunan Commerce University.

Jing Li

HR Manager

Jinger is responsible for making Quickeast an inclusive and happy place to work.
Before joining the Quickeast family Jinger accumulated 10 years of experience recruiting and curating talent, two of those years at PSA. Now she recruits the brightest minds in the new media industry to join our family.
Jinger holds a BA in English from the Hunan Institute of Humanities, Science & Technology.

Richard Han Shuhang

Video Dev Manager

Richard builds videos that resonate with Chinese audiences. He cooperates with a diverse set of stakeholders including Chinese social media influencers and TV hosts to develop video content that gets results.
Richard understands western brand needs, prior to joining Quickeast he was responsible for managing customer satisfaction for international clients at Xingyuan Technology.
Richard holds a BA in Marketing from Hunan Commerce University.

Terrence Mutizwa

Full-stack Developer

A technology enthusiast who enjoys solving real world problems that impact a lot of people, through the use of various Internet-based tools and technologies. He has more than 8 years experience developing web-based solutions, including the largest and most popular online classifieds platform in Zimbabwe,; live streaming Android app for radio station, StarFM; and a variety of other media, eCommerce, education, and web hosting solutions.

Liang Feng

Content Marketing Associate

Liang is a fanatical new media content creator. At Quickeast he ideates, designs, plans writes and publishes content across the Chinese digital landscape.
Liang previously sculpted his talents at Central Holdings Group where he was responsible for new media promotion including omnichannel content creation and PR outreach.
Liang holds a BA in Marketing from Hunan College of Science and Technology.

Lexy Wu Yutong

Content Marketing Associate

Lexy fuses her love of new social media platforms like Douyin with an interest in psychology (holding a National Level 3 Psychological Consultant Certificate) to develop content that resonates with target audiences. Before joining Quickeast Lexy was a Content Editor at Beauty Zone of Newrank APP (Chinese fashion and lifestyle influencer platform).
Lexy holds a BA in Agriculture, Environment and Economic Management from Hunan Agricultural University.

Oxford Jing Liu

Bilingual Comms Manager

Oxford ensures smooth bilingual communication internally and externally between the team, clients and audience. Oxford is responsible for filling in all the blanks in cross-cultural communication between any and all stakeholders.
While not working Oxford can be found at a Toastmasters event in Changsha, where she is the VP of PR.
Oxford holds a B.A. in E-commerce Hunan Agricultural University where while a student there she won third place in the National English Competition for College Students.

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