Social Listening

We identify your audience and their related communities, then execute daily engagement including listening, following, engaging and re-sharing relevant content.

We methodically examine your target audience, competition and their corresponding communities to understand who your audience is, what your audience is talking about, discover what type of content they share, where they share and how often they share. Then we grow your tribe through strategic, targeted outreach to communities and community opinion leaders in your industry.

How It Works:

  • We listen to the conversations happening in your industry, audience and community on various social media platforms.
  • Follow relevant accounts and communities.
  • ‍Participate in conversations in followed communities.
  • Request original poster approval, and re-share posts that resonate with your audience.

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Daily listening and community growth.
  • 2.5 hours per week of listening and engagement with related communities.
  • Re-sharing of approved, relevant content on your social accounts.
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