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Go from zero to a curated social community by:

  • Identifying your target audience and communities
  • Listening to what people in your niche are saying
  • Reaching out by following, commenting, re-sharing and more
  • Responding to people that message your accounts and ask questions
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Our Community Curators listen, engage & respond to your target audience using your brand voice.

Strong Chinese social communities are built on authentic relationships with real people. Get on the platforms popular amongst your audience, share value and start building your foundation.


  • We methodically examine & follow your target audience and their corresponding communities.
  • Understand who is in your audience.
  • Hear what your audience is talking about.
  • Discover the kind of content your audience shares.
  • Find out where your audience spends time.
  • Know how often your audience shares.


  • Strategically reach out to targeted communities.
  • Leverage your existing networks to Chinese social media.
  • Participate in conversations in followed communities.
  • Re-share and like content relevant to your audience.
  • Contribute and bring value to people you connect with.


  • Manage the conversation with people in your community.
  • We use Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that guide the Curator in what to do and say when communicating.
  • Approve your Decision Making Guidelines (DMG) that Curators utilize when the SOP does not cover a situation.
  • Answer audience questions and other contact that comes through your social media accounts in your brand voice.
  • Strengthen & grow your connections using local know-how.

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  • Install Standard Operating Procedures and Decision Making Guidelines.
  • Transcreate up to 1,000 words of Frequently Answered Questions.
  • We spend up to 2.5 hours every week responding to users commenting and messaging your accounts.
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