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Strategically develop PR content and access our curated network of +800 news outlets to become top of mind and develop a positive reputation.

In partnership with your team we plan, create, and execute influential PR campaigns.

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Get positive brand keyword content indexed on top SERPs

We conduct strategic PR campaigns on Official National Media channels, Internet Portals and local news portals to become top of mind through SEO, develop a positive reputation and wash away negative news & comments.

Publishing positive PR content on these news outlets are highly relevant to Baidu’s algorithm. This will improve reputation, pushing negative articles down on top SERPs and replacing those with positive content.

Other ways to improve organic seo in china

Organic SEO Services

Baike's (Wikipedias)

Critical to SEO and reputation building, we set up strong Chinese Wikipedia pages on the platforms of note including Baidu and Sougou. This includes one-time service fees to acquire the page and front-to-end development of the content including planning, selection, translation, copywriting, page design and quarterly updating (policing & amends to reflect strategic updates).

Long-form Content

We transcreate positive reputational content and distribute it on influential platforms so these articles will be posted on forums that are indexed by Baidu and other top search engines. This ensures that when users search about your brand, keywords referencing positive content are picked up and indexed ahead of potentially negative or incorrect content elsewhere on the Chinese internet.

Q&A Properties

Blanket influential Q&A platforms, like Baidu Zhidao, referenced by Baidu and other search engine crawlers. This ensures your posts will be seen when users conduct keyword related searches in your brand, industry and product areas.

We plan, translate and copy write content using unique keywords to shape a strong reputation and tactics to display on top related SERPs.

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