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Get active on WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, Miaopai and other platforms of record in China.

Setup verified accounts then create compelling long form, short form and video content to nurture strong relationships with your target audience.

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Create content that resonates

Demand generation begins with building high-value organic content on WeChat, Weibo, Miaopai, Youku, Douyin, QQ Video, targeted forums and news platforms and injecting that content into targeted communities. Engaging with interested people on all those platforms grows awareness, improves your positioning versus the competition and ultimately increases direct conversations with the target audience.

Our Process



We share a detailed content plan with your marketing  team for feedback and approval. The plan includes original content, rationale and a week-by-week schedule.



For each post, our team makes sure to maintain the heart of the meaning, inspire the audience, and convey the nuance, feeling and colloquialism of the English language seed content.



Your team provides feedback and approval of sample posts prior to sharing any content live.



According to strategically timed schedules our team distributes your content on the appropriate channels, injecting your messages into the most relevant target communities.

what platforms should you be on?

Platform Overview


With +1 Billion Monthly Average users this is the default 1-1 communication network and portal to the Chinese mobile ecosystem. WeChat is built around a core messenger service, that most other relevant and useful apps plug into.

Some common features used by brands are 1-1 chats with users, posting content on the main feed (Moments) and hosting a website through your official account.


With 2 billion page views daily Weibo functions as the primary one-to-many distribution platform for online content in China. It is the platform where many influencers grow their fanbase (even for other social networks). Users trust Weibo for news and to stay updated on what’s hot in China.

Some common features used by brands is frequent short-form posting, public comment engagement, live events and 1-1 conversations.


Video is a high-engagement medium in China and social video has trended towards live-streaming and short form. While the overall landscape remains highly fragmented compared to the dominance of Youtube in the west, there are key platforms like Miaopai and Douyin where you should be sharing original video content.

Douyin is China's most popular short-form video app (known as TikTok internationally) has +150M DAUs and 400M MAUs in China. This is the most effective platform to capture new traffic and leads.

Q&A Forums

Users will reference forums and Q&A channels, such as like Baidu Experience and Zhihu, when researching a new brand or product. The content on these channels is highly influential in shaping the reputation of your brand and the purchasing decisions of target users.

Some common features used by brands are answering highly upvoted questions or providing authoritative content written by key individuals.

what should you be doing on those platforms?

Features Overview

Account Activation

While many marketers want to funnel users to a single uptake channel, Chinese users prefer to stay and talk on platform. On platform nurturing increases conversion rates. Thus setting up account on these channels is critical.

We manage DM chats across all relevant channels including Douyin, WeChat, Weibo, Baidu Forums, Zhihu and QQ direct messenger.

Content Production

We develop original and transcreated content for your brand. That includes full-stack development of long-form, short-form and video content.

Regardless, each post is selected with your China goals in mind and crafted to read as if it was natively built for the given social channel and to authentically speak to your audience.

Daily Management

We conduct daily moderation and operation of your accounts. Our activities always respect your Decision Making and Tone of Voice Guidelines to ensure that a strong, consistent and distinctive brand presence is communicated to the audience.


We scrape data cross channel and analyze what matters to give you clear visibility on your performance. Our reporting layers insight on top of results to provide a strategic lens to assess how you are doing and what ought to change.

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