Get a WeChat Mini-App

Get a Mini-App built for WeChat and access an existing social graph +1 billion Monthly Active Users (MAUs) without the hurdle of navigating China's app stores and downloads.

Explore the benefits overview


Benefits Overview

User Habits

WeChat users 60% of users open the app more than 10 times a day, with 21% of users opening WeChat more than 50 times per day. In addition, the average daily time spent on the app in more than 66 minutes, with 17% of users spending 4 hours or more per day on the app.

Social Graph

WeChat Mini-Apps (also known as a WeChat Mini-Program) are sub-apps that are nested within the WeChat ecosystem. Mini-Apps are light-weight and users do not need to download them to their phone. You can access them anywhere, anytime,  you can access all the Mini Programs you use and the ones you have pinned by simply going to your Chats page and sliding open a drop-down menu at top of the screen.


Leveraging WeChat's existing infrastructure provides you with far wider user access, better embeds you into daily habits, lower costs and allows you to avoid navigated the fragmented App Store infrastructure and regulations of China when compared to developing and maintaining your own apps for iOS and Android.

What does it take?

The Mini-App it is natively built for WeChat and can only be used inside the WeChat App.  Your Mini-App will be hosted on Tencent’s servers making the loading speed is quick and efficient.

  • Requirement documentation
  • Development schedule
  • Wireframe development
  • Prototype development
  • App & server maintenance

  • agency services

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