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Many websites do not function well or at all inside of Mainland China, yet an official website is critical to potential consumers considering buying or using from your company.

We provide front-to-end design, development and copy writing for a high-performing websites that are accessible inside of China's Great Firewall.

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Features Overview

Easy Hosting

Your website will either be hosted from Mainland China utilizing an ICP (Internet Content Provider) License or out of Hong Kong, on server that is optimized for Chinese Mainland IP access and provides your team with direct access, ownership and control of the website.


Your website can be built by localizing  your existing official website. Your webpages will be written for strong SEO performance, using best practices to ensure for better scraping by Baidu Search Spider.

Mobile First Design

Mobile responsive performance, navigation and UX is commonly best for the Chinese user. Social and ecommerce features are integrated to make for a smooth cross-channel user experience.

What does it take ?

Be found on the Chinese internet. The Great Firewall can block, slow and make it difficult for users to access your official website. We build a high-performing, mobile first websites, bringing your most critical content into the hands of your China audience. The process includes:

  • Requirement documentation
  • Development schedule
  • Wireframe development
  • Prototype development
  • App & server maintenance
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