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Learn how your target audience sees you on the Chinese internet, and discover the white space for your brand to cut through to reach your tribe.

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Reporting on what matters

We provide comprehensive research and reporting services.

For companies looking for strategic insights, we conduct primary research including surveying target audiences and behind the desk research, digging into your industry and brand in China. For companies already active in China we offer cross-channel reporting for WeChat, Weibo, Baidu, Douyin (Tiktok) and more that provide actionable insights on your performance.


Report Overview

Full Audit

In-depth research report that dives into all the Chinese platforms of note including WeChat, Weibo, QQ video, Tencent, Youku, IQIYI, BiliBili, Sohu, Douyin, Miaopai, Meipai,XiGua, Huoshan, Toutiao, Baidu Search, PR platforms, Baidu forums and products, industry level forums and your website.You get a full view of your current presence throughout the entire Chinese internet, how you compare to the competition, analysis of your current standing and insights on how to move forward.

Discovery Audit

A top-level report that teaches you what China thinks of your brand including:
- Chinese brand name research, what people are calling you, if there is any confusion and what name we recommend
- Social index research, including WeChat
- Social network investigation including checks to see if there are dormant, imposter accounts
- Audience conversations happening on influential platforms
- Top Baidu SERP analysis

Performance Report

Performance reporting is available for all the platforms, apps and services we offer. Reporting includes analysis of your tribe, lead conversions, group level conversations, public engagement, SEO performance, impressions, top performing content, website and app performances and more.Our reporting focuses on highlighting what matters and empowering leaders to make decisions.

Campaign Report

Campaign reporting is available on weekly, monthly, mid-point and end-point levels. Data available varies by platform and campaign types but includes full analysis of tactic performance including CPM, Clicks, CPC, Clickthrough Rate, Button Clicks, Total Leads and Cost per conversion.Our campaign reporting focuses on distilling out results against your KPIs and identifying learnings for future campaigns.

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