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Get stood-up on Chinese Wikipedias and inject your content into Q&A platforms and forums that are heavily referenced by search engines in keyword related searches and and trusted by users.

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Get positive brand keyword content indexed on top SERPs

Baidu is the top search engine in China accounting for +73% in China’s search engine market. Most netizens turn to Baidu to learn about potential brands or products, and the top SERPs play a decisive role in consumer decision making. A well-done first Baidu SERP builds brand awareness, a strong reputation and influences potential customers along the decision making cycle.

  1. Improve SEO, pushing positive content to top SERPs and moving negative articles down
  1. Grow brand awareness and improve reputation.
  2. Gain the exposure with coumers that reference search during consideration, your presence will improve conversion.

Features Overview

Long-form Content

In many ways, group chats (WeChat and QQ) serve as China’s replacement for  communication commonly conducted through email. Often, users feel more comfortable participating in a group where they otherwise would not via DM.

We moderate these groups, collect & answer questions, share new posts, broadcast important notices, and discover seed content.

Baike's (Wikipedias)

Chinese users prefer to stay and talk on platform. Many marketers want to funnel users to a single uptake channel, but this high friction strategy lowers conversion rates.

We manage DM chats across all relevant channels including Douyin, WeChat, Weibo, Baidu Forums, Zhihu and QQ direct messenger.

Q&A Properties

Responding to comments on platforms like Weibo and public facing user questions on Q&A platforms like Zhihu is critical to dispelling incorrect information and providing an authoritative, trusted brand voice in China.

We conduct engagement and moderation of these public facing channels.

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