What is Quickeast Ad Platform?

The easiest way for advertisers to effectively convert their target audiences on the Chinese internet. Quickeast ad platform is built for brands trying to reach Chinese consumers. You can:

  • Open ad accounts
  • Target your audience
  • Set KPIs against expected results
  • Build & launch ad campaigns
  • Build & launch landing pages
  • Get leads delivered to your inbox
  • Get clear performance reports
  • Explore supported platforms


    Rewrite Douyin description: Douyin is China’s most popular short-form video app. As of January 2019, Douyin reached over 250m Daily Active Users (DAUs) and 500m Monthly Active Users (MAUs).

    Quickeast Network

    No registration or activation processes required. Immediately start advertising to target users through email, text and Douyin video. (*Available for select industries.)


    WeChat is China’s #1 most popular app and social network with over 1 billion MAUs where users spend ⅓ of their mobile time browsing.


    Toutiao is China’s top daily news app. As of August 2017 Toutiao had 600M users and 120M DAUs allowing advertisers to insert themselves into the daily reading habits of Chinese netizens utilizing interest-based categories.


    Baidu is one of the largest internet companies in the world, and the leading search engine in China. Often referred to as the ‘Google of China’ it holds over 70% of the total Chinese search market share and has 660 million monthly users.


    Sina Weibo functions as the primary one-to-many distribution platform in China and is the platform where many influencers grow their fanbase. As of March 2018, Weibo had 411M MAUs and 184M DAUs. Weibo’s ad algorithm boosts organic reach and engagement through its social graph.

    Tencent Network

    Tencent Ad Network (WeChat's parent company) allows advertisers to distribute campaigns across a long list of Tencent channels, including QQ News, Tencent App Display Network, and QZone (QQ messenger’s equivalent of a feed, 632M MAUs in 2017 Q1).


    Netease is one of China’s top tech companies, covering 1,000+ top apps, 1 billion users amount and 500 million DAUs  with over 10 billion daily exposures. Among the notable apps in their ecosystem is Youdao Dictionary, the top mobile dictionary app in China.

    Why this exists?

    Simple, there was no easy, effective way to advertise in China.
    So we built it. So you can:

  • Reach a target audience across the Chinese internet’s top social and search platforms
  • Appear in social feeds and search results
  • Set KPIs against expected results
  • Drive traffic to your landing pages
  • Get conversions
  • Drive online purchases
  • Grow revenue
  • How it works ?



    Advertisers must register to use Chinese ad platforms, on some platforms there is no set process for foreign organizations. Along with our platform partners we have built a systemized process to get you activated as efficiently as possible.



    Set the specs for your media campaign including audience targeting, landing pages, media content, run time andspend.Or keep it simple and leave it to us.



    We build your ad posts and landing pages. We can transcreate sample English ad posts, you can complete a form for us to reference when creating your ad, or keep it simple and let us handle everything.



    Before any campaign content or landing pages go live to your audience, you approve the content.


    Campaign Live

    We make the payments, push your campaigns live, conduct  optimization and split test against your mutually agreed primary KPI.


    Lead Inflow

    As leads come through, they are added to your lead inbox, categorized according to source channel.



    Get end-of-campaign reporting that includes spend details, impressions, CPM, Clicks, CPC, CTR, Leads and Cost per conversion.



    Choose to run your same campaign again, rebuild it based on iterative learnings or distribute it on a new platform.

    Front-to-end Delivery

    We bring you from zero to results ASAP. Here’s a glance behind the scenes on what your campaign looks like, starting with setting the main campaign objective:

  • Acquire targeted clickthroughs for your brand from Chinese audiences at the lowest price per click.
  • Defining the target audience

    Set your target audience based on filters like keywords (your brand name and variations of it, names of competitor brands, specific products being promoted, etc.), geography, educational background, age, and interest targeting (habits and activities related to your product).

    Choose the right platform

    Either you select the platform and ad types or let us handle everything. Two types of WeChat banner ads (these ad types display inside of other targeted WeChat articles) are shown to the left.

    Get a high converting landing page

    Tencent, Toutiao and many other Chinese ad posts must click through to a platform (ie: Toutiao) hosted landing page. We build this page, which can mirror most features and design aspects of your other landing pages, include contact forms with custom fields, and external links.

    Retarget users

    We design campaigns and landing pages that capture the data needed to develop retargeting cohorts and custom audiences.

    Optimize for results

    We attract users with the effectively and natively worded CTAs, acquire targeted clickthroughs and iteratively improve the tactic against your primary KPI throughout the entire campaign.

    Plans & Pricing

    Start getting results today. Launch a targeted ad campaign or get a custom proposal.

    Discovery Audit

    Find out what China thinks of your brand in this 15 page report about your brand presence in China. Your discovery audit includes:

    Chinese brand name research, what people are calling you, if there is any confusion and what name we recommend

    Social index research, including WeChat

    Social network investigation including checks to see if there are dormant, imposter accounts

    Audience conversations happening on influential platforms

    Top Baidu SERP analysis

    Agency Proposal

    Based on your custom quote

    Complete a brief and we build a tailor-made proposal on how to reach your goals. Full-suite of services available includes:

    Contact Center - Manage customer interactions across all of China

    Organic Social - Create compelling long form, short form and video content

    Organic SEO - Get referenced by search engines in keyword related searches

    PR - Strategically develop PR content and access our curated network of +800 news outlets

    Research & Insights - Learn how your target audience sees you on the Chinese internet

    Paid Search - Run targeted Baidu Search campaigns that get clicks

    Paid Social - Run targeted social campaigns against your KPIs

    WeChat App - Get a Mini-App built and scale across WeChat's +1 billion MAUs

    Website Dev - Get a a high-performing website accessible inside of China's Great Firewall