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At Quickeast, we all come to work everyday to solve the biggest problem for businesses entering China. Connecting with your audience.

Don’t worry, we can help.


Because it’s the foundation of your business. Because if you don't have relationships with your audience it will be near impossible to get customers and build your business in China. And because there are literally hundreds of millions of people in China that want good stuff. Real products and services. And if they trust your brand, they will use your stuff.

For many foreign businesses this is one of the biggest market opportunity in the world. But it is also the most challenging.

How we got here

We are a team of people from all over the place. Asia, North America, Africa. We are diverse. We respect diverse cultures and people, it’s at our core. While we embrace technology and process, we know that people run the technology and processes. We bring this people-first mindset to our business, to our customer relationships and to yours when building products and managing your social presence.

Before starting Quickeast our founding team owned, operated and sold China-based businesses in:

  • Advertising
  • Construction
  • Consumer Goods
  • Digital Media
  • Education
  • Fashion
  • F&B

It didn’t matter what industry we were in. Connecting with our audience was of paramount importance across the board.

When Sean and Vincent (our American Co-founders) started their first China business in 2011, just as WeChat was launching, it was hard for a couple of non-Chinese to build real customer relationships in the middle of China.

Where we are.

People are still people, but people in China really do think about things differently. For us and many other foreign brands, forging meaningful and lasting relationships was less intuitive and more, well, foreign. This is true for customer relationships, personal relationships, and professional relationships. It’s true when talking face-to-face and when talking on WeChat, Weibo, Miaopai or Yinke (FYI these are some top Chinese social media apps).

What we do

Through these experiences we learned that reaching your China audience is challenging yet attainable. You don’t need to go through the same struggle that we did. Not when we can help. We’ve built products, technology and a team to make connecting to your community more effective and cost efficient than ever before.

Don’t miss the train.

We exist to erase those challenges so you can better reach your audience and business goals.

Meet our Team

Vincent Pueraro

Vincent is an entrepreneur that has been building and operating businesses in China since 2010. He has extensive experience with China-focused customer acquisition strategies, product distribution tactics and on-the-ground operations. Vincent draws on experience from a variety of China industries, including F&B, consumer Internet, education, and B2B, working with such brands as Duvel and Zoomlion.

Sean Freund

Sean is an entrepreneur with years of experience managing business operations in and out of China, and directly with the Chinese government. He has extensive project management experience, including working with over 30 Country Directors and 500 teachers to build and deploy training systems for a Harvard University Center for International Development program. Sean is an MBA candidate at Central South University and has an intimate grasp of the mechanics of Chinese enterprises.

Ye Tao

From a family of entrepreneurs, Tao maintains the business skills of traditional China while meshing them with the modern business practices he grew as CEO of Newko Media. Tao graduated from university in the United Kingdom and today manages Government Relations for Quickeast.

Mengqi Qu

After graduating with degrees in both Engineering and Business from Nottingham, UK, Mengqi returned to China to make his mark on the growing Chinese economy. He is well on his way with Quickeast.

Leo Qin

A top graduate of Hunan University, Leo has handled projects for major international businesses from USA, Canada, and Germany, in China. After having lived in America, Leo has a deep understanding of both the West and China, and is adept at communicating concepts cross-culture. A great communicator and operator, Leo handles both for our team.

Terrence Mutizwa

A technology enthusiast who enjoys solving real world problems that impact a lot of people, through the use of various Internet-based tools and technologies. He has more than 8 years experience developing web-based solutions, including the largest and most popular online classifieds platform in Zimbabwe, classifieds.co.zw; live streaming Android app for radio station, StarFM; and a variety of other media, eCommerce, education, and web hosting solutions.

Brian Freund

Brian Freund brings years of Sales and Customer Service experience with him to Quickeast. He has helped startups—including Gilt Groupe and Freshpair—to coordinate customer happiness and community management systems as they grow and reinvent themselves. He also has experience as a Sales and Case Manager at the United States' largest union-specific insurance firm. Brian knows how to manage and evaluate the customer experience from front to end.

Craig Johnson

Craig draws from years of experience in sales and education, both inside and outside of China. After graduating from Elon University, he brought his talents to China and the Quickeast family where he now directs Education Operations.

Shuang Chen

Shuang has spent years studying, working, and living in the new media landscape. She graduated from Newcastle University with an MA in International Multimedia Journalism and helped a number of international clients build winning social media campaigns while at Weber Shandwick (Beijing). Today, Shuang shares her energetic social media expertise with foreign organizations entering and growing in the China market.

Zhou Wu

After graduating from school in the United Kingdom, Zhou moved back to his hometown in China. Now he masterfully handles Accounting and International payments for Quickeast.
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